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Life insurance

A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. In exchange for regular premiums you pay over time, life insurance pays out after your death to the people you designate as beneficiaries — usually children, a spouse or other family members. It’s an important safety net if anyone depends on you financially. The life insurance payout can pay debts such as a mortgage, replace your income and provide college tuition funds.

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Car insurance

Why do you need car insurance?

Auto insurance can help protect you from expensive, sometimes devastating surprises. Let's say you're in a covered accident. As an insured driver, you can get help paying medical bills, repairs, certain legal defense costs and more.

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About us

Meet our insurance agency.

We have over two decades of experience in the insurance industry and we always asked,"why is shopping for insurance such a hassle."

Why must we be bombarded with phone calls giving our information to several agents only to find out the majority of them cannot help us find better coverage or a better rate, or both!

March, 2009

The establishment of our agency, with two professional insurance agents, in small office in Atlanta.

December, 2011

Three new insurance agents in our team, 2.500 customers!

February, 2014

Moving to a new office in Atlanta. More than 5.000 customers, great references and great view of the future!

Our vision

Best insurance for everyone.

This was such an easy process. They had a quick questionnaire when I first inquired. It gave immediate prices so I could see what was being offered and if it was a good fit for me. Someone followed up shortly after. I’m a business owner, wife and mom - so I’m very busy and it seemed like everything was quick and easy to manage. Great prices and everyone was incredibly friendly to work with. I highly recommend working with georgia risk protection no matter what your needs are - they found a great fit for my husband and I, our situation, family and future planning.

Nicole Zimmer
1294 satisfied customers
12 professional agents
8 insurance in our offer
12 years of experience
Life Insurance Quote

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is a legal contract. You pay the life insurance company. In return, the insurance company promises to give money (called the death benefit) to one or more beneficiaries you pick.

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